Website Basics - Should You Host Email On A Web Server?

business email hostingIf you own a website, you’re going to need an email address as well; these two things go hand in hand with one another. As a business owner, you should have an account where people can contact you. Ideally your email address will use your company's domain name so that you appear more professional. A professional email address can also reinforce your branding. It looks very unprofessional to use an email address at your ISP or a free email provider like hotmail, and can alienate potential customers.

This brings us to our question, should you host your email on the same server as your website? For most businesses the answer is NO.

If One Goes Down, So Does the Other

Every great website  hosting company, and even  most mediocre ones, offer unlimited email accounts  for free when you decide to host your website with them. This is precisely why you shouldn’t accept it. Think about it for a second. If your website server goes down, what will happen to the email account? Website downtime is a serious issue, and you must be notified immediately. But how? The email servers went down with the website. Why, you ask? Well, because you placed all your eggs in one basket.

In that case, let’s hope you signed up for SMS notifications. On the other hand, in such scenarios, you can forget about receiving important emails from prospective clients or fans. If these reasons are not enough to convince you not to use your web server for email, here’s another one.

It Increases the Website Loading Time

Hosting emails on your web server can eat up as much as half of the resources responsible for loading your web page, resulting in slower performance. And since Google measures every millisecond your hosting takes to load a web page on a daily basis, if you’re consistently slow, Google will send your visitors elsewhere.

The web server really exists for the sole purpose of loading your website, and it should do it fast. Anything that gets in its way is, simply put, bad for business.

A Web Server is Different Than an Email Server

One big difference has to do with available storage space. A robust email server will allow virtually unlimited storage space, making it a better choice for user's that connect to email via IMAP. Additionally, an email server is more likely to have enhanced spam filtering and other functionaity that makes the email user experience better. You'll probably find it easier to connect all your devices like phones and tablets as well.

With that said, there are millions of small businesses that are hosting their email on their web server, and for the most part this is not extremely problematic. But if your budget permits, you should always consider using a dedicated email service provider.

Other Options for Hosting Email on Your Domain Name

Fortunately, you have a lot of options for hosting your company email separately from your website hosting server. Some are available to use for free as well. A short list of these providers includes:

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