Website Basics - Shared, Managed, And E-Commerce Hosting

web serverMost hosting companies offer a good package for your website. However, there are only a select few that can provide great hosting for your website. Most hosting companies have issues that arise now and then. These issues may begin at the worst possible time. For instance, not being able to handle a traffic spike during your busiest season.

Shared And Managed Hosting


Shared Hosting

A shared hosting service is one where your website, and possibly email accounts, are being hosted on a server that’s shared with hundreds or thousands of other users’ websites. This service is best suited for hobby-based, static websites running on a tight budget. Costs are lower, but performance could suffer due to many clients sharing server resources.

Premium Hosting

Some providers may offer a premium hosting service, with some level of support included. In these cases, your website may still reside on a shared server, but the provider will typically limit the number of sites so that all perform optimally. You may also get access to additional services like software upgrades, website changes support, and other services that assure your website stays in top condition. These types of hosting services are a good middle ground between bargain hosting and a dedicated server in terms of both price and performance.

Managed Hosting

In a managed hosting, your websites and email accounts run on a dedicated server where the bandwidth and other resources aren’t being shared with other users. In other words, it’s your own server, where the issues found in shared servers rarely arise. Your dedicated server may or may not include some level of support, be sure to check the details.

Finding The Right Hosting For An E-commerce Website


When trying to decide on the best possible hosting for your e-commerce website, here are few things to keep in mind.

First, you must find the most secure hosting possible. This means that a dedicated hosting server is the perfect choice if you’re able to afford it. If not, then go for virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

Second, you’re looking for a company that offers the best uptime out there. If your website goes down for even a few minutes, you can lose customers and sales. A guaranteed uptime of 99.99% should be the only choice for an e-commerce store.

Finally, a great hosting company will offer robust hosting solutions that allow your website to load quickly. Just as downtimes can cost money, slow loading times lead to an increased bounce rate.

A great hosting service won’t eliminate the possibility of service issues. However, they will have a professional team providing you support and monitoring services to ensure everything is kept running optimally. These companies usually deal with issues that arise before they have the chance to affect your website, and they won’t have trouble handling traffic spikes either. 

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