The Website Design Process

How do we design your website?

Great website design starts with getting to know you. Your website should do a good job of reflecting your corporate culture, in addition to being visually appealing. Over the years, we have perfected a design process that virtually guarantees that you will be happy with the look of your site. 

Before any development works begins on your new website, we present unique, custom designs for your approval. These layout designs are delivered within 1 week after the initial project discovery is completed.

Here are some samples of home page designs presented to clients:  

Once you select your preferred design, we're happy make any revisions that you would like. Many times we are very close on our first layouts, because we do up-front work to identify your design preferences and critical call to action elements for the home page. But rest assured, we won't stop working until you are 100% satisfied.

Design is the most critical step of the entire website development process. We want you to love the look of your new website!

Once we have completed the design process and received your approval, we then start to develop your website. In most cases the development is complete in just a few weeks, and after a final approval from you the new website can be launched right away. To see the live site for the sample above, visit our client Pinnacle Solutions.

If you'd like to learn more about our design process we'll be happy to schedule a quick online demonstration.

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We Are Specialized In



Bootstrap Built

We build your site on Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-friendly websites.

Highly Functional Websites

When there is no existing solution to meet your website development goals we can develop custom solutions for your business.

Proper Coding

When we develop WordPress, Joomla, or custom HTML Websites, care is taken to assure that the codebase follows the core functionality standards.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive HTML allows your website to adapt to the device on which users are viewing it, assuring a great experience for the majority of users.

Custom Website Designs

Templates cost less initially, but they can often interfere with future website growth and they don't match your brand perfectly like a custom design.

Support and Maintenance

Our support and hosting service assures that your website is kept up to date and functioning optimally as technology or your business changes.

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Our Before & After Designs

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