Building a Website – Creating Effective Calls to Action

call to actionA call to action is a significant part of any website which is closely related to the objectives and audience of a company or organization. It is not only important for all websites including blogs, not only ecommerce websites. Every website has an objective for its visitor and calls to action nudge users to complete that objective.

Benefits of Effective Call to Actions

An effective call to action provides the following benefits to your website:

  • Provides focus to your site
  • Serves as a way to measure the success rate of your website
  • Provides direction to your website visitors

Tips for Creating Effective Calls to Action

  1. Use the STOP Approach

Utilize the STOP approach to craft an effective call to action.

  • Simple – Use easy to understand language so that it doesn’t take the reader too much time to think or process.
  • Tailored – Make your call to action specially tailored to fit the purpose of the user. The call to action will change if the user is doing research or they are ready to buy your product.
  • Obvious – According to experts, making it obvious is the key to convert calls to conversions. Use statements like ‘Sign up here’ or ‘Click here’.
  • Persuasive – Remember, you are persuading your visitor to make them do as you want. Use persuasion tactics such as giving special offers and upgrades on your products and services.

  1. Create a Few Distinctive Actions

The number of actions varies site to site depending on the nature of your business as well as your target audience. Make multiple actions available to users, such as Sign Up for Newsletter, View Demo, Download Report, View Current Offers, or Buy Now.

  1. Use Urgent and Active Language

Use a set of words which screams urgency such as:

  • Buy
  • Register
  • Donate
  • Call
  • Subscribe

  1. Make It Prominent

Be careful while positioning your call to action and make it prominent by using colors which can make your CTA stand out as well as enhance your website’s visual appeal. 


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