Building a Website – What is a Call to Action?

buy now on websiteSo now that you know your objectives for your website, it is time that you learn about calls to action. You have visitors on your website, so now what? What do you want them to do? Buy your products? Contact you? Register for updates? A call to action is the way to lead visitors to your desired outcome, and make their visit more enjoyable as well.

Internet marketing is an evolution of traditional marketing. In simplest terms, calls to action are design elements which nudge the audience into doing something you want them to do. Calls to action have been around since the perception of marketing and advertising, way before the internet was invented. Let’s start with the basics of CTA through its definition.

Call To Action Defined

According to, a call to action is: “Words that urge the reader, listener or viewer of a sales promotion message to take immediate action, such as ‘write now’, ‘call now’ or ‘click here’ (on the web). A retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective.”


In web marketing, the above discussed examples of calls to action are referred to as conversions. A conversion is simply any process which converts a visitor into a buyer. Some more examples include book tickets online, download a free trial or place an order.

The Audience

Calls to action always speak to an intended audience. The words you choose to craft your call to action will have a huge impact on its chances for becoming a conversion. You can create your call to action depending on your type of business and social following, as well as your target audience profile. Your call to action needs to be well thought out and effective.

Next time, we will discuss some tips for creating effective calls to action. 


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