The Importance of Having a Mobile Website

viewing a mobile websiteGone are the days when having a mobile website for your business was considered a luxury. In today’s age, having a mobile website has become a necessity!

A mobile website is a means of providing easier access of information to customers about your business,  products, and services.  And Google sees a mobile website as very important to your online success, so much so that their Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) service will send alerts for a registered site that does not have a mobile version.

Better User Experience

The purpose of a mobile website is to specifically view web pages on handheld devices. Hardly anyone would want to view a desktop version on their Smartphone, the small screen makes viewing difficult. Research shows that mobile websites tend to enhance the user experience and satisfaction to a great extent, creating more opportunities for your business to gain new customers.

More Engaging

Mobile-specific websites typically include click-to-call options, and map functions. These make it easy for your customers to find you, or contact you with their mobile device. Ordinarily, a mobile website is not meant to show the entire content of a desktop website, but rather  to present content that is important to and optimized for phone users.

Brand Identification

A professional, well-built mobile website allows businesses to portray themselves in a positive and contemporary light. Moreover, a well-built mobile website puts you in a better position than your competitors that lack one. To ensure that users stay engaged to your website, make it look good on a mobile screen.

According to a recent statistic, 33% of people start with viewing websites from their cell phones.

Mobile Advertising

With a mobile website, you can expect to have some great mobile marketing opportunities to attract and retain your customer base. The widespread use of cell phones gives you access to almost any demographic you might want to engage. If you need to promote a new product launch, sales, deals, and offers; with a mobile website you can easily and quickly get your message out.

The recent trend of integrating a business’s social fan page with a mobile website is on the rise also. Mobile social media is a phenomenon to look forward too when it comes to interacting and engaging with customers on a one-on-one basis!

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