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The main reason for people to visit your website is your web content. But many web designers and developers forget this significant fact in their race to design the best-looking and most user-friendly of web pages. An okay-looking web page with good content is bound to get lower bounce rates than a pretty web page with poorly-written content. While designing your website, pay attention to its content, because that’s what will make visitors stay.

Types Of Web Content

Web content is not just limited to the quality of text for articles or your blogs. It also includes graphic displays such as pictures and videos.

Text Web Content

Text web content refers to the text that is present inside your paragraph blocks. The best kind of web content is specifically written for your website and is highly relevant to it. Copying content from another website is not only unethical; it also takes away the essence of your website and can get your website penalized by the search engines. It is a good practice to use additional internal links within your text so that readers are able to get more information out of the content and aid in understanding the material.

Multimedia Web Content

To simply describe multimedia web content, it is any type of content that is not text but includes any other audiovisual elements. This includes:


Make sure that the images on your website are crisp and professional-looking. They are a great way to pique the interest of the visitors and almost all websites use images in their content. Images should be optimized for both the physical size and the file size. For best practices with search engine optimization, be sure to set an ALT tag for every image.

Also note that you should never use an image found in web searches or on other websites unless you have correctly licensed the image for use. Great-looking stock photos are easy to find and fairly inexpensive at sources like


Sounds are embedded in web pages so that visitors hear them when they click a certain link, icon or tab. But be careful with sounds; they are controversial if they play with no prompt from the user. Always provide sounds as an option rather than an automatic feature to prevent alienating your users.


Videos include your commercials, demo videos or even certain tutorials that you have uploaded for the benefit of your visitors. It's always best to create a channel at a provider like YouTube or Vimeo and place your videos there. This prevents your website from using excessive bandwidth and becoming slow. The videos can then be embedded on your website, offering a seamless presentation that will work across multiple devices.

Shareable Content

Another important consideration when building your page content is how it will look if a user decides to share it on social media channels. There are a number of special tags that come into play, as well as image size, which is important for the best presentation. We found a Social Media Optimizer that can be useful in checking your website pages.

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