How To Highlight Your USP On Your Website

A Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, is a factor the seller presents to the target audience to convey why a product or service is superior to competitors. You can verbally mention a few advantages during a radio or television ad or show images that get your point across in print media.

So how should you go about calling attention to a USP online within your website? Keep reading to get tips, as well as case studies from brands that excel at this.

Showcase Industry-Related Knowledge

Perhaps you sell a product easily obtained almost anywhere, but it’s an item that has varying levels of quality depending on the source. Since the late 1800s, the De Beers diamond company has used the slogan, “A Diamond Is Forever.” It has successfully established itself as a brand able to provide enduring jewelry that matches that phrase.

debeers, a diamond is forever

Look on the De Beers website and see how it has a special section that explains why the brand stands above competitors, plus mentions the brand’s establishment in 1888. The link details De Beers’ process for finding top-quality gems and the various cuts available. Also, notice the top link titled “Diamond Expertise.” That heading suggests that when shopping for diamonds, you can make informed purchases with De Beers.

Fill Customers In on the Things They Can’t Get Elsewhere

When your business sells something people can’t get anywhere else, you can tap into that fact as a USP. Individuals who are huge fans of the British songstress Adele and wanted numerous copies of her most recent album quickly learned Target offered an exclusive version with three extra songs. For years, Target has offered such exclusives due to ongoing demand.

Check out Target’s website below. A search for the keyword “Target exclusives” generated the following results. Since all the exclusives are in one place, it’s easy for a person to decide whether to buy a soon-to-be-released item at Target or realize doing so wouldn’t provide additional perks.


As you can see, most of the exclusives are entertainment-related. And, because there are over 450 in total, the search filters on the left make finding things more convenient for online shoppers.

Let Your Work Speak For Itself

Focusing on specific aspects of your business is one way to make your USP more apparent to consumers. However, depending on the situation, you may want to downplay (but still mention) a particularly unusual attribute of your business in favor of letting your high-quality work do all of the talking.

precise technical solutions, a woman-owned calibration company

The website for Precise Technical Solutions, LLC, does a fantastic job with that. As you’ll notice in the upper left corner, the company promotes itself as “a woman-owned calibration company.” You probably don’t have to know a lot about the work the business handles to recognize that’s a rare characteristic.

However, instead of blatantly underlining the female ownership by doing something like featuring the owner’s picture on the homepage, the company smartly discusses its expertise. It even has a section dedicated to quality.

This is a smart route to take if you’re concerned something that makes your business stand out might be seen as a positive by some people and a potential detriment by others who might hold prejudices. Rather than getting caught up in gender norms, this company doesn’t hide the fact that it's women-owned but knows it’s not a substitute for excellent service.

Display Company Values Proudly

Socially conscious consumers are more likely to buy from companies that align with their values. If your business is dedicated to biodegradable packaging, reducing sweatshop labor or another cause, think about highlighting it. It’s especially useful to do this if you know your brand is in the minority within your sector.

socially responsible cosmetics, good for our bodies, communities, and envirionment

The website for Naked Truth Beauty makes it clear that when customers shop there, they’re getting products that not only enhance their looks but help communities and the planet. Although there are a growing number of cosmetics companies offering similar products, some are doing so due to consumer pressures. In contrast, Naked Truth Beauty clarifies the dedication comes from deeply held beliefs and ideals.

Also, the homepage’s “About” menu features a “Why?” section explaining the reasons behind the founder’s decision to start such a company. It features natural, relatable language, paired with compelling statistics.

Demonstrate an Ability to Fulfill an Identified Need

Online shopping is great, except for the time it takes to receive an item. Want It Now, an Australian website, features over 100 retailers that offer same-day deliveries in as little as three hours.

wantitnow, preferred delivery date shopping

The website isn’t extremely appealing in its design, but the accompanying text explains what users get by shopping there. People can even select preferred delivery slots. If you’re confident your business offers something consumers crave, build your USP upon it.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten some ideas about how to ensure people know what makes your company different from these case studies. By adopting strategies from the examples in this post, you may find you can more effectively communicate to potential customers what your company has to offer.

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