A Website Designed To Crash Browsers

safariWe've filed this one under interesting finds, but we're thinking that maybe it deserves its own category like why did they do that, or really? The folks over at VentureBeat recently reported on a website that was specifically built to crash web browsers.

They did some testing on different browsers and operating systems and found that the site works to crash Safari, Chrome, and FireFox. As an added bonus, the site will cause some users on iPhone/iPads to have their devices reset. Interestingly enough, Microsoft Edge was the only major browser that was not affected and instantly loads the message "What were you expecting?".

If you'd like to visit the site the URL is, and there is also a We're not hyperlinking the sites, so if you really want to test this you'll need to copy and paste. Apparently the sites are going viral though, with hundreds of thousands of visitors.

If you'd like to learn more surf over to to get all the details, including the source code.

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