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  • Start Up Business - Maintaining Social Media Presence

    girl searching social mediaSocial media offers the perfect platform for businesses to connect with their target audiences. A strong social media presence has become a necessity for businesses both large and small.

    The fact that social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and others have millions of active users makes it too powerful of a platform to ignore. A company can leverage the power of social media to create a strong bond with their customers, build a brand image, and see their profits climb exponentially.

    While the importance of maintaining a social media presence cannot be ignored, not all companies have the resources including time and manpower to manage a full-force social media campaign.

    The solution, however, is simple: Outsource!

    Outsourcing social media marketing provides many benefits. Here are five ways businesses can benefit from outsourcing social media management to an experienced firm.

    1. Get the Help of Experts

    When you outsource social media marketing to an experienced agency, you can leverage their experience, expertise, and knowledge in creating a strong social media presence. Companies that offer specialized social media services use tested strategies for creating an online presence. This makes the costs of hiring the experts worth it in the end.

    2. Create a Consistent Brand Message

    You should have a consistent brand message across different social media sites. An expert social media agency will tightly define the brand message and integrate it across multiple platforms. A consistent brand message is important to connect with customers.

    3. Social Media Analytics

    An expert social media agency can perform advanced analytics allowing you to gain more insights about your customers. You will know which products or campaigns get the most positive response from online users. The information gathered through social media analytics can help fine-tune your overall marketing strategy.

    4. Save Time and Effort

    While posting on social media sites may look simple, it's not as easy as it seems.  Managing multiple social media accounts is time-consuming. Creating posts and responding to users requires a lot of effort. There are a lot of things to look at to create the perfect post.

    By outsourcing the activity to an experienced social media company, you will be able to divert the saved time and effort of the in-house team to more important aspects of running a business.

    5. Dedicated Team of Experts

    When hiring a social media agency your business obtains the services of a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts. The team consists of top-of-the-line social media experts, graphics designers, content marketing strategists, and certified digital marketing specialists. Their combined efforts will do wonders for your social media campaign.

    A social media consultant can take the pain out of managing a presence in the cyber world. The rewards of outsourcing to an experienced social media agency exceed the costs. If you want help in creating a social media presence, you can contact BCS Website Services by dialing 804-421-2400 today and book a consultation.

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  • Start Up Business - Making a Plan

    business planA business plan is the backbone of a startup business as it defines the strategies that will be used for making it a success. A traditional plan typically follows a standard template where businesses can fill out relevant information/goals according to their specific operational strategy. It usually consists of an introduction about the business team, offered products or services, competition, financial status and marketing strategies. It should be kept brief but should have all necessary information about the business. Most businesses started without proper planning and fail at early stages; this fact alone depicts the importance of clear planning.

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  • Start Up Business - Risk Analysis

    risk analysisRisk analysis is performed to highlight possible issues that a business can face in the future. Risk is a necessary factor that every business must face at some point. Although it is not possible to forecast all potential risks and their degree, spending time on recognizing and analyzing certain problems for their risk factor can save a lot of time, effort and cost.

    For a startup, risk analysis is critical. A startup business usually starts with limited resources and does not hold brand recognition. It is a challenge to become a successful name among customers and risk analysis is a way of reducing the chance of failure.

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  • Start Up Business - Risk Management

     Risk Management is an efficient process through which risk can be minimized and suitable steps can be taken to reduce their negative impactsStartup Businesses begin at an inherently high risk when they are launched. They can sustain for long periods of time only if they generate profits and attract customers through their products and services. Proper strategic planning must be done to ensure the business will perform well.

    Risk is a crucial factor that can suddenly affect business planning and cause challenges to its survival among competitors. Risk Management is an efficient process through which risk can be minimized and suitable steps can be taken to reduce their negative impacts.

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  • The Best Offline Marketing Strategies for Your Next Campaign

    speaking at event

    Online marketing is a good choice for businesses, since the results are easily measurable and the digital format is less expensive than traditional marketing. Nonetheless, offline marketing is more effective when reaching targeted demographics and delivering specific messages. As a result, businesses are prudent to acknowledge both online and offline advertising as part of their campaigns.

    Seven effective offline marketing strategies that are relevant to most business niches are:

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  • The importance of communication in website hosting and support

    Communication is important to the success of all relationships whether they are personal or business. Effective communication is something that all of us work on over time to improve our relationships. Effective communication between a website design company and its clients enables both organizations to achieve the success they are striving to obtain.

    yes thats what i wanted thanksCommunication in website hosting and support can be achieved by phone, email, or virtually using one of today’s modern technology interfaces. None of these methods can be truly effective unless the communication between the support technician and the client is timely. All of us have needed technology support at one time or another and we sometimes dread contacting support fearing the support will take too long or not happen at all. When a business client has an issue with their website it is usually something that is affecting the performance and operation of their business. This issue may be large or small but in some way it is impacting their bottom line. Timely communication and resolution from the support technician means the client’s business has had minimal impact to their bottom line.

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  • The Importance of Proactive Client Support In Web Design and Hosting

    proactive supportAll customers expect to get quality support when they purchase a product.  Electronic devices, software programs, home yard machines, automobiles.  The list could go on forever.  Quality support is also important when it comes to web design and website hosting.  With the importance of ecommerce and marketing driving business now clients expect and should receive world class support every day.

    When it comes to support in web design and web hosting it should be proactive.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes proactive as “acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.”  That definition perfectly describes the strategy a support technician should take when assisting clients.

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  • The Importance of Proofreading

    proofreadingWe have all seen resulting examples of poor quality proofreading like typos on large billboards along the highway, or misspelled words on company advertisements.  Sometimes these poorly written and reviewed ads gain national attention in social media and everyone has a good laugh.  Like visual advertising, proofreading is also very important when it comes to creating websites.  This is especially true when the website is designed for a business client who depends on the website to promote his or her business and to satisfy the needs of current customers.  Let’s look at some things that quality proofreading can help and issues it can prevent.

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  • Why Your Employees Are Your Best Form of PR

    Figuring out how to get the word out about your business isn't easy or inexpensive. Advertising, even online, is notoriously difficult to track. You may never fully realize how successful a campaign was.

    In today's highly competitive marketplace, just keeping up with your nearest competition may be expensive. Across all industries, small businesses spend about 1.08 percent of their revenue on advertising. If you're just getting started or fighting against a competitor nipping at your heels, then your marketing costs may be higher. Your employees are a great source of word-of-mouth PR both to help bring in new customers and new hires. Here are six reasons why that is.

    1. Consumers Trust Their Recommendation

    One resource you may not have tapped into is your employees' ability to share what they love about your brand. Studies show that consumers are 92 percent more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know rather than from the brand itself. Get your employees involved in talking about your brand. Encourage them to refer family and friends by implementing a reward program.

    Direct sales companies figured out referral structures to perfection. Young Living is just one example of a direct sales company that rewards its distributors for bringing other customers on board by giving them free products and a percentage of sales.

    2. Employees Best Understand Your Product

    Your employees understand your product better than a third-party advertising firm. They work intimately with it day in and day out. It's also a smart move to provide samples to your employees. If you sell clothing, give each employee the latest shirt or a budget to order a certain amount of pieces for their personal use. Encourage them to tell others about what they're wearing. If you offer a service, have your employees test it.

    One thing top restaurants do that all businesses can learn from is let people test out their dishes so they know how they taste, how they're made and what is unique about each of them. Then, when a customer has a question, the employee is ready to answer from a personal standpoint.

    3. Develop a Culture

    Do you want your employees to feel highly satisfied in their work, so they strive to do their best, feel like part of something bigger and are more likely to stay long-term? Developing a company culture all leads to employees who are happier.

    You can create a strong company culture in several ways. Make sure everyone feels valued and free to add their input, spend time together doing fun things outside of work and show appreciation when someone does something exemplary.

    macallister machinery company puts safety first to build a strong company culture

    MacAllister Machinery Company offers an excellent model to study if you want to learn how to build a strong company culture. Anyone thinking about working there will notice they put the safety of their employees first, something that isn't always a priority in the industry. They also point to other elements, such as using a balanced scorecard to run their business and looking at innovative ways to solve common problems.

    4. Offer Profit Sharing

    If you want to encourage employees to help you advertise your products, offer a profit sharing program. The incentive is simply to get the product in the hands of more people and increase company profits. Employees then receive a percentage of those profits, giving them a strong incentive to promote your brand. No matter how much an employee loves their job, when the work day is over, it's not likely they will continue to promote your brand unless they have the incentive to do so.

    Profit sharing helps everyone feel that are part of the big picture and their effort is valued. When you offer incentives, you will begin to see employees go above and beyond to get results.

    5. Attract Top Candidates

    Attracting some of the top candidates in your field isn't easy. You're competing against giant companies that might have more funds to offer. However, you can stand out from them with an amazing company culture and lots of incentives. Not everyone wants to work for a Fortune 500 company or get lost in the shuffle of a big corporation. Focus on your strengths, then figure out how to encourage your employees to share those strengths with people they know who would be a good fit for your company.

    pure insurance offers a referral program and culture that translates to a referral rate between 40 and 60 percent

    Start an employee referral program so those who bring in new hires receive rewards for helping you find the best people possible to fill open positions. Pure Insurance offers a referral program and culture that translates to a referral rate between 40 and 60 percent. The majority of their employees come via referral from another employee, which is unusual. The way they achieve this is simply asking if their workers know anyone else who would be a good fit for the company.

    6. Empower Employees to Be Vocal

    Invest time and resources into training your employees to be a mouthpiece for your company. Training should include everyone from the manager of a department to the evening cleaning crew. Train employees about your company philosophy, how best to represent your brand and how to tell others about where they work.

    Training should include a full array of elements, including how to present yourself on social media. The last thing you want is someone giving your brand a bad name. However, with a little training, most people are capable of sharing info about your brand positively.

    Encourage Employees to Help With PR

    Most of your employees are probably quite happy to help spread the word about your brand, as it creates job security for them if you do well. They just need the encouragement and training to do so and know they won't get in trouble for mentioning the company. Use these six tips to start encouraging them to recommend your company to everyone they know.

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    Lexie Lu is a freelance UX designer and blogger. She keeps up with the latest web design trends and always has some coffee nearby. She writes on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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