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Search engine optimization is the best long-term strategy to get new prospects to your website. But before hiring an SEO firm, or doing the work yourself, it makes sense to identify the most important issues that need to be addressed. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

An SEO audit not only provides an overview of where you currently stand, but it can also reveal specific steps that you can take to improve your website positioning in the major search engines.

Based on the audit results, you might decide that it makes more sense to bring the work in-house. SEO experts are not cheap, and fixing the easy stuff first might make sense if you have the staff resources to do so.

You might also choose to conduct an audit both before and after doing your own SEO work. This will give you a "report card" on how your efforts have impacted your website.

Our experts are standing by and can prepare a complete audit for you in just 1 week.

What does BCS check during an SEO audit?

During an SEO audit, we evaluate many key factors that can impact your search engine rankings, such as page titles and meta descriptions, for up to 100 pages on your website. Results are used to create a comprehensive report that gives you all the information you need to create a firm foundation for search engine optimization.

Our SEO audits look at these and many other settings on your website:

Duplicate META descriptions
Duplicate title tags
Duplicate content
Issues with mixed content
Low text to HTML ratio
Duplicate content in h1 and title
Short title element
Broken external links
Missing ALT attributes
Missing meta description
Pages with only one internal link
Multiple h1 tags

The above list represents most of the key website issues that can prevent you from achieving higher rankings at Google and other search engines. Our SEO Audit looks at almost 100 potential issues in total, and a detailed analysis is included in your SEO audit report.

Not a "Sales Pitch" SEO audit service

Our audit reporting is not a generic list of items that can affect most websites designed to get you to buy additional services. At BCS we utilize cutting-edge technology that would cost you thousands of dollars to secure on your own to thoroughly evaluate your website, and report findings that are relevant to your website.

Our experts evaluate our crawler's assessment of your website and prepare recommendations for your next steps in working towards a firm foundation for SEO. Once completed you will have a plan and roadmap that you can immediately implement to identify and fix any common issues that can be holding you back in your SEO efforts.

After we deliver your SEO audit report you also have access to an SEO expert who can help you with any questions about our findings. If you are going to work on your search engine optimization internally you'll have a full understanding of the best next steps to take to improve your website.

Works on all websites

Whether you have a simple brochure type website or a robust website with lots of content, our SEO audit service will provide invaluable insights into the SEO health of your site. We can audit WordPress websites, Joomla! CMS, Drupal, or any other platform. Our service works for e-commerce websites as well.

Our Deliverables

We send a full detailed report of our findings, which includes a description of major ranking factors and a listing of specific pages that are affected. You can use our report as a roadmap to systematically fix issues that can potentially improve your search engine placement.

Along with your report, you'll get a complete analysis from our SEO experts. After examining the findings from our SEO bots' indexing of your website, and examining your actual website, our team will provide you with a prioritized list of action items that you can use right away to improve your website.

Once you've had a chance to review your report and analysis, you can call or email us with any questions. We provide up to 1 hour of support for questions about the audit findings or next steps that you are considering.


Unlike some providers, we offer a single price point for our base audit regardless of the type of website or your geographic targeting. For $499.00 you get our complete SEO Audit for up to 100 pages. If you have a larger website, you can purchase additional blocks of 100 pages for $299.00.

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