Google AdWords Advertising and Remarketing

Have you ever clicked on an ad that was displayed when you did a search on Google? Imagine if that was your ad that people were clicking on. These are called search display ads, which can be highly effective in maximizing your advertising ROI.

As more people use the internet to search for services and products (versus old technologies like Yellow Pages), why not capitalize on this trend.

Google ads uses a performance pricing model, unlike traditional advertising where you pay for exposure. In other words, no matter how many times your ad displays you only pay a fee when a user clicks on your advertisement. This is known as pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

PPC allows you to set geographic targeting preferences, so that your ad only appears within markets that you wish to target. Ads can also be shown at specific times of the day. And you have complete control over your advertising budget.

Chances are you've visited a website, and then seen banner ads for that product or service as you surfed other sites on the web. These are known as remarketing ads in AdWords, and they're highly effective for branding and influencing a buying decision. They use the same PPC model as search display ads so you can get a lot of exposure with little ad spend.

Why you should hire us:

  • We've been managing Google AdWords campaigns since the platform's infancy.
  • Comprehensive keyword research is performed in advance, using Google's Keyword Planner tool, allowing us to see how many searches Google anticipates delivering.
  • Campaigns are highly segmented to give the best keyword quality score, ensuring the lowest possible cost per acquisition.
  • Ongoing A/B split testing of ad creatives and positioning yields optimal results.
  • You pay Google directly for ad spend, so there is no built-in agency markup.

Our Google AdWords Advertising and Remarketing service is an exceptional value, and is available as a standalone service or included in our Website Marketer service package. We'd encourage you to read more about our complete Online Marketing Services here.

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