Facebook Advertising and Retargeting

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Chances are you've already made a purchase that was influenced by spending time on Facebook. Did you know that you can dispay ads for your business there too?

Facebook is the world's largest social media website with over 242 million active monthly users in North America, as of the third quarter of 2018. Users on Facebook spend a significant amount of time on the site, and this creates great advertising opportunities.

Your Facebook ads can be delivered to highly targeted users. You can use their geographic location, but did you know that you can also target based on age, gender, behaviors, and connections, using Facebook Ads?

Retargeting ads at Facebook are used to show ads to users that have visited your website. They can even be set to display only to users that have visited specific pages, or even exclude visitors that have already completed a registration or contact form on your website.

The possibilities are endless. Let's say that you want to target Facebook users that are similar to your existing customers. Assuming that similar people are more likely to buy from you, that would make sense right? Well if you have a customer list with email addresses it's possible to target either your customers or those that are demographically like your customers. How great is that?

Our Facebook Advertising and Retargeting service is an exceptional value, and is available as a standalone service or included in our Website Marketer service package. We'd encourage you to read more about our complete Online Marketing Services here.

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