Cross-Browser Compatibility

Are your customers seeing what you do?


responsive htmlMany businesses don't realize that not all prospective customers see the same thing when they visit a website. In today's world, users can visit a website on a wide variety of devices, operating system, and browser types.

This can have an effect on what your prospect sees, and in some cases can render your website unusable for some users.

By developing your website with modern HTML coding techniques we can assure that it will look great  on the widest variety of devices. 

We are extremely careful with our design and coding, taking the time to validate HTML and CSS styling. We test in multiple browsers, operating systems, and resolutions to assure you that your website looks great to everyone who visits. One of our favorite tools is BrowserStack, which allows us to test websites in every imaginable configuration of devices and web browsers.

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Our Before & After Designs

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