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Our Joomla!™ Upgrade and Migration Process

bcs and joomlaWe do a lot of Joomla upgrades here at BCS, along with full migrations to update Joomla from older versions like 1.5 to the current 3.x series. Over the years we've refined our processes to make the work more efficient and accurate.

The first step in an upgrade is project discovery. Often the outdated Joomla site has malicious files in place due to security vulnerabilities that exist in the old Joomla versions. Cleaning the malicious files (and any core hacks) is critical to the success of the upgrade.

We also need to thoroughly document the extensions and templates used in the Joomla administrator. The template and extensions that are in use on the website affect the effort needed to successfully upgrade the website. The number of articles can also be a factor. The largest migration in our company history was a site with over 66,000 articles in place, and it takes some time to move those into the new database. Whether your website uses standard extensions, or has custom components installed, we take the time to make sure that everything will function properly within the current Joomla structure.

Initially we ask the client to provide us with a super user login, as well as a login for the hosting control panel. With this access, we can accurately document the relevant items to be considered in the upgrade, and we can most accurately estimate the cost. There really is no way to accurately estimate without proper access; in that case, any developer would be making a "best guess" on efforts needed and there is a good chance that the final price would need to be adjusted.

Once we have documented the project specifications and estimated the time on project, we provide a written estimate for the Joomla upgrade service.

Even with the investment in performing initial project discovery, there can be unexpected issues that arise during the development work, which can impact the final cost. How we handle this as a company is to build in some flexibility in our estimates. We allow a set number of hours as an overage that is not charged to the client. If our efforts are going to exceed the overage, then we notify the client so that they can make a decision about approving the overage. You won't be surprised with a final bill that is higher than the initial estimate.

When a client contracts us for the upgrade work, we first take a copy of the site files and database and place that on our local servers for development. Doing so means that we don't need to interfere with the live site when performing the update.

During the upgrade we search for hacked files on the site. Some years ago the hacking was pretty standard; in general PHP files with malicious code were injected into the site files. But over time we have seen that the hackers' methods have evolved, and we have to look more closely to find and fix all issues. For example, hackers started using image files to hide malicious code. Many newer exploits may not be caught by virus detection software. Our developers keep current with the latest trends so that we can more effectively clean malicious code from your Joomla website and prevent future issues.

Once we have the site upgraded and cleaned we place it on a development server for the client to review. Sometimes there are change requests that are made at this time. Once the client is satisfied with the work, we can then take the upgraded site live.

Taking the site live can mean placing the upgraded site back on the client's existing hosting account, or in many cases, the client will elect to move to our hosting and support service. We can then take responsibility for the regular upgrades that are needed to keep the website safe and functioning optimally in the future. We also help with other things like admin support, website monitoring, and site backups.

In 2017, we updated more than 1 Joomla site every week, and continue to gain valuable insights because of the large number of upgrades that we perform. If you need help with a Joomla site that is not up to date or is not performing optimally, please reach out to us for fast and friendly support.

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The Website Design Process

How do we design your website?

Great website design starts with getting to know you. Your website should do a good job of reflecting your corporate culture, in addition to being visually appealing. Over the years, we have perfected a design process that virtually guarantees that you will be happy with the look of your site. 

Before any development works begins on your new website, we present unique, custom designs for your approval. These layout designs are delivered within 1 week after the initial project discovery is completed.

Here are some samples of home page designs presented to clients:  

Once you select your preferred design, we're happy make any revisions that you would like. Many times we are very close on our first layouts, because we do up-front work to identify your design preferences and critical call to action elements for the home page. But rest assured, we won't stop working until you are 100% satisfied.

Design is the most critical step of the entire website development process. We want you to love the look of your new website!

Once we have completed the design process and received your approval, we then start to develop your website. In most cases the development is complete in just a few weeks, and after a final approval from you the new website can be launched right away. To see the live site for the sample above, visit our client Pinnacle Solutions.

If you'd like to learn more about our design process we'll be happy to schedule a quick online demonstration.

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Logo Design

If you need a corporate logo designed, we can help.

Our logo design service is perfect for small business or startups because we can keep your costs down, while still delivering a professional design ready for your web site, print media, and other uses such as email signature logos or company documents produced in-house.

When we design your company logo, we can also include your letterhead and business card design files - ready for your printer in the proper format.

ATM's America logo

ATM's America

Logo Design
Advanced Landscape & Design, LLC logo

Advanced Landscape & Design, LLC

Logo Design
Kathleen’s Cleaning Service logo

Kathleen’s Cleaning Service

Logo Design
UniTao Pharmaceuticals, LLC. logo

UniTao Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

Logo Design
Virginia Pest Management Association logo

Virginia Pest Management Association

Logo Design
Eagle Pest Services logo

Eagle Pest Services

Logo Design
Hudgins Legal, LLC logo

Hudgins Legal, LLC

Logo Design

Alexander Law Group, PLC

Logo Design
ATM Houston logo

ATM Houston

Logo Design
Dan Tech, Inc. Computer Services logo

Dan Tech, Inc. Computer Services

Logo Design
My Social Pets logo

My Social Pets

Logo Design
Smith's Addressing Machine Services

BCS Website Services

Logo Design
Glen Allen Pediatrics logo

Glen Allen Pediatrics

Logo Design
Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital logo

Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital

Logo Design


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Custom Website Development

Need custom website development work done?


We find that clients often need functionality that is not available "out of the box" and have developed many custom solutions over the years.

One of the most common needs is for a website to interface with data that lives in another system via an application programming interface (API) so that existing data can be used on the website. For example, you might use a membership management system and have a need for your website to show a list of members, or to allow your members to login with their existing credentials. Accounting system integrations are also quite common.

Some clients might even need a website that is entirely purpose built for their business because there is no existing solution available. Our first project like that was completed in 2006 when we built a system that allowed users to customize, order, and download legal documents. Over the years, we've worked on some very exciting custom website development projects that included:

  • E-commerce site that allowed users to build their custom parts on screen
  • Site that valued used cell phones and allowed the user to sell their phone in real time
  • Directory site that allowed users to claim their business listing and upgrade for premium advertising features
  • Directory site for local service providers that were pre-screened by the business entity
  • Site for a residential community with private area for residents only

In addition, we often develop smaller plugins designed to work with existing content management systems and provide a specific function. Sometimes we release these to the general public at our BCS Website Solutions site.

We can also help fix your purchased extension if the developer is not responsive to your support requests. We work with WordPress plugins, Joomla! components, and any type of PHP/mySql application.

Here's a presentation detailing a custom website we developed some years ago: 

View more presentations from BCS.


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Content Management Systems

Want to manage your own website content?


We've been building websites on Content Management System (CMS) frameworks since 2003, and specialize in the leading solutions including WordPress and Joomla!.

A website which uses content management system software is easy to update, without any need to learn HTML or other programming skills. With a CMS-based site, the design and functionality are separated from the page content. which means you can add and edit pages, text, images, or videos without affecting the look of your website.

A CMS website can also give you a competitive advantage in your search engine optimization efforts. Regularly updating and adding new content to your website is one important task that can help get you to the first page when somebody is searching for your products or services.

There are also a couple of cost-saving benefits to using a CMS. When you want to redesign your website a CMS makes it easier to do so, regardless of the number of pages. And if you want to add new functionality, most CMS systems have a wide variety of pre-developed plugins that can be licensed very inexpensively.

Our solutions incorporate an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG editor features an interface which is very similar to other word processing applications. The editor allows you to format text (bold, italic, underline, colors), upload and resize images, add tables, and even insert special characters like the © symbol.

Easy-to-use text editor for websites which use content management systems

Associations are a particualar segment of our client base that gets a lot of use from their content management system powered web sites. The CMS allows associations to update their web site daily if needed, and also accomodates multiple users. Access can even be rules-based, with many employees able to contribute to the site content but only managers allowed to publish.

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Website Design

Want a great looking website?


See Our Portfolio

You're at the right place! For over 15 years we've helped hundreds of clients like you to gain an advantage over their competitors with world-class websites.

When you hire us, we provide you with a compelling, original website design at a reasonable rate. We don't use templates, your new site is custom designed for your business. Work is completed for you on time, as specified, and within the budget that you have established.

We follow a proven development schedule and quality assurance checks that have been refined over years of creating website designs that increase user engagement. You'll get custom web design concepts within 1 week of engagement. Once you approve the new design, development takes about 4 to 5 weeks. Typically your new website is ready for your review and final approval at week 8, and once approved it can go live in a day or two.

Your new website will be built with Responsive HTML so that visitors on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices have a great experience. In today's world, mobile-friendly websites are extremely important to your online success.

Most clients have us build their new website on a Content Management System (CMS) framework like WordPress or Joomla!, which makes administration and updating easy. Using a CMS to build your website offers numerous advantages in the long term, including:

  • Cost savings when updating the design.
  • Greater flexibility when adding new features.
  • Ability to custom code any desired functionality required for your business.

Our website development process also assures that there is a firm foundation set for SEO. By taking the time to properly set up key elements like page titles, META descriptions, and other items that impact search engine optimization we increase the likelihood that your new website will position well for relevant searches that relate to your business.

After your new website is ready, we offer premium website hosting that includes services designed to keep your website current. Most clients partner with us for a long-term business relationship that allows us to fine tune their online presence and optimize ROI.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

Is your website compatible with mobile devices?


mobile friendly responsive html

Today people are routinely surfing the web on their smartphones, not just for entertainment but to find your business. In 2015, Google reported that mobile search volume exceeded desktop computer searches, and released a tool to test for mobile-friendly design.

If you would like to assure that your customers and prospects can easily view your website, then it's time to incorporate Responsive HTML. We've been designing mobile websites since 2010, and we can quickly make your website mobile-friendly.

In the old days, we used a separate template for the mobile website. But today's Responsive HTML assures that your design is consistent across all devices. The design adapts to the user's screen size, and we can customize different views to give the best eperience for each type of user.

There are also some behind the scenes coding techniques that are important to how mobile users can interact with your website. Make sure that your website developer uses best practices to assure that iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone users all have a great experience. 

For some industries, mobile optimization is more critical to their success. For example, home service providers (painters, plumbers, pest control, etc.) are seeing 40% or more mobile traffic. And for restaurants, the numbers are typically even higher.

Additionally, Google may not show your website in mobile search results if your site is not mobile-friendly. You can read more about Google's suggestions for website best practices here.

Responsive HTML is included in all website design projects by BCS. But whether your site was designed by us, or another website design firm, we can assist with adding mobile website optimization.

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Choosing a Joomla!™ Expert Web Developer

Do you need a Joomla expert to help design your website?

bcs and joomlaThe staff at BCS Website Services has been designing with the Joomla platform since its inception.

We feature some of the top programmers and Joomla experts, which you need when considering hiring someone for Joomla development and design.

Let us use our experience to build you a beautiful website and increase your web presence and overall exposure.

Why Joomla?

The basic concept behind Joomla - which is simply a platform that allows users to maintain their content, a content management system (CMS) - is that it provides a convenient way of managing your content across your entire website.

This CMS software program is actually OpenSource, which means it is free for download for many users out there. If you want to try the software out for yourself, you would simply need to create a profile on the Joomla home page. You might want to do this to help get yourself familiarized with what the program does for website content creation.

Why Choose a Joomla Developer?

A major advantage of hiring Joomla developers is that we are familiar with this powerful software program, and can quickly construct a creative website to meet your business goals and needs.

As developers, we enjoy using this software program, because it provides an interface that is extremely flexible in allowing custom development, yet still supported by one of the largest users and development communities in the world.

As customers, you will love this program, because we can quickly and easily get you up to speed with managing your site once it's all set up. We include several training sessions in which you work one-on-one with a developer to learn how to manage your website content.

What to Expect from BCS

When you hire us, you are getting access to top-notch Joomla experts. You can expect to get treated with professionalism and respect, and ultimately satisfaction. We have the know-how to create designs and content, to increase your visibility and convert visitors of your site to fans.

With our Joomla web developers, you will have access to an almost unlimited supply of designs and ideas that can easily be incorporated using the Joomla software program.

There is a large and committed following for Joomla, and this allows us to teach you how to easily make updates to your content.

What Types of Sites Can Joomla Developers Make?

Check out what our Joomla developers can bring to your website:

And so much more!

Some of you may still be wondering what you can expect from a website that has been created through the Joomla program.

You can expect to get top quality design and content control that is more intuitive, and easier to maintain than other traditional "HTML" static sites. The advantage is that sites built by Joomla developers are growing rapidly, and evolving to meet the needs of businesses and the Internet as a whole.

What this means for you is that we can update your website, or it can be revamped with just a few simple updates. No more worrying about if your website is "up-to-date."

Hiring our competent Joomla website development team can help make sure your website is established and ready to provide appealing content to your customers and followers.

You can count on the BCS Website Services team to deliver the top-quality content you'd expect from an expert.

If you need support for your website after it is set up, we will be ready to lend a hand. We can even train you on the basics of maintaining your site.

Contact us now to get a quote and discuss with our Joomla developers the best way to power up your site with an awesome CMS!

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Joomla!™ Migration and Upgrade Service

Do you need an expert to help update your Joomla website?

bcs and joomlaBCS Website Services has developed and managed hundreds of Joomla websites, for over 10 years. We can provide Joomla update and migration services for Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 1.7, and 2.5 series to the current version.

While most updates are relatively simple, BCS also has experience moving huge sites with tens of thousands of articles. The BCS staff has also updated many Joomla websites that use VirtueMart, with tens or hundreds of products.

Why Update Your Joomla Website? 

It's mainly about security. Because the old Joomla versions are no longer actively supported, they become vulnerable to hackers. With no security updates, your site could become a target for malicious users, and this can do irreparable damage to your business reputation.

But there are many other compelling reasons to upgrade Joomla.  Each new Joomla version becomes more user-friendly for the administrator, and adds support for modern front-end functionality like jQuery and Responsive HTML. Upcoming releases will introduce new features like custom fields, a real game-changer in customizing your CMS.

How Hard Is It To Perform A Joomla Update?

The answer depends on what version you are currently running, as well as what extensions and template you are using. Updating from a very old version of Joomla, like 1.0 or 1.5, requires a complete migration. There is no easy upgrade option available.

The extensions used on your website may no longer be available. In this case either a new and similar component or plugin must be secured to replace it, or the extension must be recoded if you need to preserve its functionality.

Many templates use an underlying framework that may not be compatible with the current Joomla release, and need to be updated or replaced as well.

Will I Need A Website Redesign?

Not typically. In most cases we can update your existing template to be compatible with the latest release, preserving the look of your website. But many clients do prefer to freshen the look of their website during the upgrade process, and it makes sense from a cost savings standpoint too.

Some functionality will have changed in the new versions, and this in itself can cause some aspects of your website to change in appearance too. In general, these changes are minimal and the overall look can be preserved very closely.

What If My Site Is Already Hacked?

We can fix that for you. During the upgrade process, we will check for common website hacks and remove the malicious code, so that your new website is functioning properly and not impacting your business in a negative manner.

What to Expect from BCS 

When you hire us, you are getting access to top-notch Joomla experts that know how to successfully update your old Joomla site. You can expect to get treated with professionalism and respect, and we will work to complete the migration as quickly as possible. Discover how we update Joomla here.

We'll need access to your current administrator so that we can document the extensions and template that are used on your site. Within 1 to 2 days, we'll provide you with a firm written estimate for the project.

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We build your site on Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-friendly websites.

Highly Functional Websites

When there is no existing solution to meet your website development goals we can develop custom solutions for your business.

Proper Coding

When we develop WordPress, Joomla, or custom HTML Websites, care is taken to assure that the codebase follows the core functionality standards.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive HTML allows your website to adapt to the device on which users are viewing it, assuring a great experience for the majority of users.

Custom Website Designs

Templates cost less initially, but they can often interfere with future website growth and they don't match your brand perfectly like a custom design.

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Our support and hosting service assures that your website is kept up to date and functioning optimally as technology or your business changes.

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