SanAir Technologies

SanAir Technologies


SanAir is a full-service laboratory offering analytical and consulting services, and forensic testing of asbestos, mold and bacteria for indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations, and DNA sequencing for the identification of Legionella in water.


Content management system - allows administrator to easily add/edit any desired content and pages, including images, videos, and documents.

Organism library - listing of over 400 Allergens, Bacteria, Fungi, and Other contaminants. Includes description, health effects (if applicable), and thumbnail image with full-size popup (for many). Link to order testing.

Forms - editable PDF documents allow user to type information into form fields and print completed forms.

FedEx shipping label generator - allows user to generate and print a FedEx shipping label to send samples to the testing laboratory. Also includes the ability to track shipments. System is integrated to the FedEx shipping systems so that user does not have to leave the site to create shipments.


SanAir Technologies
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