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Our team is dedicated to helping you have a better website. Each team member brings their own strengths and abilities to the table, and we're all dedicated to helping fix broken websites to make you more money. It's The BCS Way!


Frank P

Frank P


Joomla! 3 Certified Administrator Frank was a career salesman in the pest control industry when saw his first website in 1996. He recognized that the internet would be a powerful sales tool, and started designing websites part-time in 1997. BCS Website Services came into existence in 2006, after Frank had left his employer of 11 years (in 2000), grew and sold his first online company (2000-2003), and worked on website design in a failed partnership with an IT company (2003-2006). 

"I feel lucky that I decided to go into website design. For many years I worked in a service industry, and I consider BCS a service company above all else. Being helpful to others is something I enjoy, and if I play a role in someone else's business success that brings me great personal satisfaction."

Rizwan C

Rizwan C

Website Project Coordnator

Rizwan has a high proficiency in server side coding, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Starting in 2011 as a junior developer, and progressing to development team leader, he has created and maintained over 100+ different websites. The list of skills he has gained or improved on in this role is extensive; PHP , MySQL, XHTML (Strict - W3C Validating), CSS, JavaScript (with Progressive Enhancement), jQuery, XML (including manipulation of RSS feeds), APIs (such as Google Maps).

In his current position as Website Project Coordinator, Rizwan oversees development of new websites, coordinating the workflow with clients and the developers.

Rizwan's passion is to do website development, which he feels leads him to success in every field.

On the weekends, when not coding, he spends time with his family.

Calvin H

Calvin H

Client Care Dispatcher

"For my entire working life I have been passionate about two things: helping others and technology. It was always a goal of mine to work in the web design industry and BCS Website Services has given me that opportunity. I enjoy working with our clients and interacting daily with them plays an important role in website design support. Since beginning my work with BCS Website Services in January 2015 I have learned a great deal about web design and content management systems. I look forward to learning more about design and to helping BCS Website Services grow into a leader in the web design industry."

Lygretta R

Lygretta R

Sales Assistant

"Described as being personable, I started working at the tender age of 15, with confidence and a take charge temperament. Solving problems and helping people is exciting and gives me joy and fulfillment. From teaching to nursing to being the neighborhood Chauffeur, I've conquered several life long accomplishments through patience, prayer, and understanding."

Behind the scenes people who help make it all happen:

Almarissa E

Website Developer

Almarissa started with us in 2013 as a Junior Website Developer, but over the years has been happy to take on other roles as needed. For some time she was the primary researcher for our social media posting work. She is also very well versed in Joomla, and manages those monthly updates.

Misa C

Website Developer

Misa has worked with us since late 2014. Initially starting as a Junior Website Developer, he has worked hard to hone his skills and take on additional responsibility and more complex development tasks. Misa also manages most of our WordPress updates.

Leigha R


Leigha works part-time keeping our books in order and assisting clients with billing issues. She has a great phone demeanor, having worked in many large offices over the years.

Sunny S

SEM Manager

Sunny started with us in 2015 to help share some of the responsibility for managing AdWords accounts with Frank. He's a great fit, having worked with diverse clients on their online advertising initiatives. Recently Sunny has started working on advertising on social media channels too, both for BCS and our clients.

Mahesh U


Mahesh is the man behind most of the great website design work here. He is passionate about keeping up to date with the current website design trends, and committed to working on any design revisions needed until the client is 100% happy with the look of their new website.

Sabia B

Social Media Researcher

Sabia started with us in the summer of 2016 and she does most of the research and organization for our client's social media posting, as well as for our own posting calendar. She is proving to be quite creative with creating image posts too.

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Bootstrap Built

We build your site on Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-friendly web sites.

Highly Functional Websites

When there is no existing solution to meet your website development goals we can develop custom solutions for your business.

Proper Coding

When we develop WordPress, Joomla, or custom HTML Websites, care is taken to assure that the codebase follows the core functionality standards.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive HTML allows your website to adapt to the device on which users are viewing it, assuring a great experience for the majority of users.

Custom Website Designs

Templates cost less initially, but they can often interfere with future website growth and they don't match your brand perfectly like a custom design.

Support and Maintenance

Our support and hosting service assures that your website is kept up to date and functioning optimally as technology or your business changes.

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