Why is website hosting support so important?

website hosting supportWhen we pay for a service of any kind we should expect to have some kind of support for that service.  The support might be written or verbal but at some point we will need help with an issue we cannot fix ourselves.  Website hosting support is crucial to the success of a website, but is generally not included with bargain hosting accounts where you are paying for space on a web server but don’t get much more than that.

Today, a well developed website is critical to the success of a business.  Once the site is developed and goes live the success of the website really depends on the day to day functionality of each page of the site.

One way a website hosting support service can assist clients is by conducting a Daily Site Check™.  Daily site checks ensure that the website loads properly and in a timely manner.  If an issue is found with a website the problem can be quickly resolved, reducing the amount of time the site’s services are affected.

Another important support service is conducting periodic site audits.  A site audit consists of several steps that are more detailed than Daily Site Check™.  During an audit the website is checked to make sure it fully loads at an acceptable speed.  All links and form submission buttons are checked for functionality.  The site should be run through the W3 check link validator at Once the validator completes running the site is checked for 404 errors.  These errors fully describe links that are broken or not working.  These link issues then need to be corrected.

The third step that can be conducted by a hosting service is to check a website across multiple operating systems and devices.  This can be accomplished by using or similar services.  Browserstack allows the support technician to check websites using many different combinations of browsers, operating systems, and device types.

Most website’s today utilize a content management system (CMS) as well, with WordPress and Joomla! being among the most popular.  A CMS is basically software to power a website, and like all software the developer will release periodic updates.  These updates may be simply to add new functionality, but most often they address known bugs and most importantly security vulnerabilities.  Updates to your CMS or E-commerce system should be included in your hosting service to keep your website secure.

In conclusion, hosting support is important for many reasons.  The final goal is to ensure a website is functioning correctly all the time.  This will allow the owner of a site to effectively market their product or services, enhance their position in the market and reach as many users and prospects as possible.

Daily Site Check™ is a trademark of BCS Website Services

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