Start Up Business - 5 Useful Web Services to Go with Your Business Website

useful web servicesAre you an online business owner? If so, you must keep track of your website performance using online web services. A lot of website design tools are available online that can assist with analyzing your site.

However, the problem is that not all of them are useful — or even effective.

In order to save you time, we have listed some of the most useful web services for a business website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must have for any online business owner. This is an invaluable free tool that will help you get deep insightful information about your customers.

Using the online tool, you will be able to:

  • Find out about pages that the online visitors visited the most
  • Identify links that the online visitors clicked the most
  • Know how visitors locate your site
  • Segment analytic results by geographical area, referral sources, and demography

To sign up for Google Analytics you need to create an account and provide some basic information about your website. You will then receive a tracking code which will be added to your website code. You should then be able to see insightful information regarding online visitors.


Website downtime is more than an inconvenience. Every hour of downtime can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue for a company. This is where UptimeRobot can prove useful. The free online tool will notify you about any downtime. It will check your website every five minutes, and notify you through SMS, e-mail, and HipChat, just to name a few.

Link Checker

W3 Link Checker is a nifty tool that checks for issues in webpages. It can analyze links, anchor texts, CSS style sheets, and referenced objects. You can also specify to check the links recursively to inspect all the linked pages.


Firebug is an extension of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser that you can download for free. When you enable the extension you can view the errors in website code. You can install the extension to inspect and debug website codes including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Document Object Model (DOM). The extension allows network activity to be logged which enables results of the HTTP connection to be viewed.


Lastly, Alexa is a terrific website tool that allows you to convert the online audience using effective marketing techniques. You can use the online tool to improve your websites' SEO and PPC campaign. This online tool allows you to search for keywords, perform competitive analysis, and conduct website content audits. Alexa can be used free for seven days. Once the trial period ends users can subscribe to one of two available premium packages ranging from $99 to $149.

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