Start Up Business - Making a Plan

business planA business plan is the backbone of a startup business as it defines the strategies that will be used for making it a success. A traditional plan typically follows a standard template where businesses can fill out relevant information/goals according to their specific operational strategy. It usually consists of an introduction about the business team, offered products or services, competition, financial status and marketing strategies. It should be kept brief but should have all necessary information about the business. Most businesses started without proper planning and fail at early stages; this fact alone depicts the importance of clear planning.

The following format is usually followed while creating a Startup Business Plan:

Executive Summary:

The Executive Summary is a brief description that summarizes the content of the business plan. It is useful in terms of analyzing the plan at a glance. It can be shared with stakeholders or potential investors to share planning and attract them to invest for business growth.

Company Description:

It contains information about the company as well as the basic idea behind keeping its foundation. It is usually intended to convert readers into investors by showing them how the company’s goals align with their mindset.

Industry Analysis:

Any effective business plan should highlight major competitors in the industry and tactics that will be used to compete effectively with those businesses and form a foothold in the market.

Market Analysis:

Market is a section of the industry and depicts the target customers. Analysis about individual market areas and your standing among similar businesses needs to be explained for making the appropriate plan.


This section addresses the objectives and targets set for holding a strong position in the market. The problem area is explained in detail whose solution is provided by your business. It also shows why customers will be attracted towards your products.

Products and Services:

Products and Services offered by a business need to be mentioned along with the reasons as to how they will be successful in solving problems. A product or service is offered to solve specific user problems. Its scope is usually small but it should be capable of solving problems related to a particular group of people.

Sales and Marketing:

Sales and Marketing plans define ways in which products will be advertised and presented to users. Marketing is the major focus of startup businesses necessary for creating awareness among potential customers.

Team Members:

The information about management and team members must be included to show their capabilities. A mention of their background and skills defines whether they will be able to deal with challenges or not.

Operational Plan:

Operational plans contain strategies that will be used to execute business according to their guidelines. The success of a business in the practical world mainly depends upon this factor.

Financial Status:

It depicts the current financial standing as well as resources through which financial requirements will be fulfilled. It also presents requirements if funding is needed from stakeholders.

A startup business plan defines the step by step procedure of running it and guides the team members about further actions they should take. It depicts the steps through which the business will make its place in the market and will become a popular name among customers.

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