Start Up Business Success Stories

start up businessStepping into the world of entrepreneurship in the hopes of one day earning enough in your business to leave your job can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are multiple decisions and factors you need to consider so that your business starts on a solid footing and has sufficient safety nets in place to survive and grow in an overly competitive market. However, taking inspiration from successful start up business stories can be a great means of fueling your commitment and clarifying your vision and goals.

In this post, we look at 4 successful start up business stories that can fuel your motivation and recharge your entrepreneur spirit.


As a Harvard graduate with a degree in computer science and having acquired experience working in various startups, Tony Hsieh decided to take part in a new business venture focused on selling shoes online to customers.
Although the idea of an online shoe retailer did not resonate well with him, Tony Hsieh, along with other investors, decided to base the idea on a loyalty business model, one that would prioritize building excellent customer service and long relationships to encourage repeat buying. This strategy offered a unique proposition to the market that ultimately led Zappos to be acquired by Amazon for $1.2 billion in just 5 years.


Instacart is often known as the “grocery uber” business, owing to the fact that it delivers groceries to your doorstep via a hand-picked personal shopper from a local store for $3.99 along with your total bill. This business model provides a unique value proposition to customers, allowing them to have all their groceries delivered to their house without ever needing to visit a grocery store. The phenomenal success of Instacart has enabled it to expand in more than 18 states. Amazing how something so simple can work wonders, right?


Launched last year in 2016, Starry has quickly stolen the spotlight from others as a provider of wireless network equipment that can enable customers to benefit from substantially high internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. Seeing how Wi-Fi has become such a crucial aspect of people’s lives, Starry has differentiated itself from other internet providers through its key product, Starry Point, a device that fits outside your window as an antenna.


Although the Uber business model has expanded like wildfire, it has equally attracted negative attention due to some controversies largely reported by news media. This has given entrepreneur Talmon Marco the opportunity to start his ‘anti-Uber’ movement through his very own technology-based car service company called Juno. With a tag line of " JUNO TREATS DRIVERS BETTER, DRIVERS TREAT YOU BETTER", Juno is on its way to raising $30 million for expansion in multiple cities and states.

So how do you want your success story to read? If you have a great idea along with a unique value proposition, go ahead and start your own entrepreneurship journey.


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