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Business analytics technology has opened a host of opportunities and benefits for small and medium-sized businesses to level the playing field with their larger well-established rivals. Through the use of analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, businesses can have up-to-date information about customer preferences and use it to fine-tune their marketing strategies to ensure high sales revenue and growth.

Google Analytics has been the first choice of many businesses for taking advantage of analytics because it is free and very comprehensive. However, there is a much more comprehensive premium version called Google Analytics 360 that is out of reach for most small business entities, with an annual cost of $150,000.00. That may make it worthwhile to look for cheaper but still more comprehensive paid alternatives.

This can be crucial for cross-checking data from various points of information to utilize a more robust and comprehensive decision-making process. In this post, we will explore various other analytics alternatives that you may use for your business.


This is a web analytics tool that provides excellent analytics features for your business. The tool lays out all essential details of customer visits and other analytics-related information in a clear and user-friendly report format, allowing you to have access to all crucial information under one format, unlike in the case of its Google rival.

Furthermore, Clicky provides updates about customer information in real-time that allows you to be up-to-date with the latest developments and improve your decision-making. Another plus side to this feature is that you can easily use it from the comfort of your phones or tablets and monitor analytics insights on the go.

Open Web Analytics

As an open-source analytics tool, Open Web Analytics gives you the advantage of obtaining key insights for multiple websites. The tool provides you both detailed and individual snippets pertaining to each customer visiting your website in terms of referral source, pages viewed, browser type, and location.


Kissmetrics offers unlimited report samples for analytics information, which means that you can view insights across a wider range of data. Unlike other analytical tools, Kissmetrics is unparalleled in segmenting customers based on the information obtained. This can be helpful for building different marketing communications to appeal to specific customer groups to achieve higher profitability and market penetration.


FoxMetrics provides you with the benefit of helping you monitor metrics that are unique to your business. Through its API settings, you can configure analytics to respond to specific details that can provide considerable insights about what your customers are doing and gauge how they respond to your marketing campaigns and messages.



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