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Search Engines

In today’s world of information technology, people primarily rely on Search Engines for getting information and for finding solutions to their various problems. Search Engines provide quick results and also give you multiple answers to your questions. Whenever you enter a question in a Search Engine, you get a list of websites that contain information relevant to your query, and these results only take merely a few seconds to execute. 

Have you ever wondered how this happens and why some websites rank higher than others? There is a whole process behind this phenomenon.

Fundamentals Of SEO

Although understanding how Search Engines work is important, this is only half of the equation. In order to improve the ranking of your web page, you need to know more about the functioning of Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term that entails multiple processes and techniques to make your web page visible to as many users as possible. Some basic steps that can be taken to ensure this are:

1. Find Your Website’s Current Standing With Google Analytics

Before taking measures to improve your website’s ranking, it is essential to know where it currently stands in Google search results. Many tools are available for this purpose. Google Analytics is one of those tools. When you link this app to your website, it gives you information about your site’s pages. The information includes whether a page is working or not, the number and location of people visiting each page, links that they click on and the time visitors spend on any page.

2. Know About The Factors Search Engines Look For When Ranking A Page

While there are multiple Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, Google is the most commonly-used Search Engine. Due to this, web developers and companies mainly work according to Google’s rules regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, learning about the factors that Google looks for in a web page in order to rank it higher in the search results is really important. Some of the important factors are good content, number of links that point to your website, the words that are used in links, titles of content, the words that are used in your content and the reputation of your website. Make sure the words people normally use to search for you are included in your content and those keywords are also used in the links. Also, realize that Google can increasingly evaluate your site’s user experience, and optimizing your website content for users is the most important step of all.

3. Additional Tips

In addition to developing high-quality content, using the right keywords and taking measures to earn as many quality links as possible, it is important that you stay updated with any changes in the algorithms of Search Engines. Use ‘Alternate Tags’ to describe videos and pictures on your website. This is important because Search Engine crawlers may not understand images and videos. If your website delivers important information through images and videos, there is a chance that they may get ignored by crawlers if there are no ‘Alternate Tags’.

These are the basics, but you should realize that SEO is a complex undertaking. In many cases, you may need to consult a professional in order to get significant SEO results for your website. We'll talk about hiring an SEO company in our next post.

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