Marketing Your Website- Advertising a Website in Traditional Media

website on billboardDespite the fact that the advent of information technology has revolutionized everything, including the advertising and marketing industry, the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of advertising is traditional media. Traditional media is a tool which is still an important means of communication to users.   

Traditional Media

Traditional media has been the key element of marketing plans and strategies for decades because of its wide accessibility. A majority of businesses have been using traditional media sources to reach out to their target audiences and for marketing their products and/or services. Newspaper, magazines, television and radio are all considered as traditional media sources for advertising.

Digital Media

Despite the fact that digital media is still in the evolutionary stage, more and more businesses have incorporated digital media advertising into their marketing campaigns and have been spending huge amounts of money on it. This happened as a result of a huge change that digital media brought in consumers’ shopping habits. Social media advertising, online streaming and online advertising are examples of digital marketing.

Traditional Media Or Digital Media: Which Is Better For Advertising?

Both traditional and digital media have their pros and cons. While we cannot ignore the ever growing importance of advertising in digital media due to the fact that a large numbers of people rely on the internet to get information about anything, the importance of traditional media has not diminished as well. People still take time out of their daily routines to use traditional media; all of us watch television for one purpose or the other, many people listen to the radio while driving, and we end up reading a newspaper or magazine lying in front of us while we are waiting for our turn at a doctor hair salon or other places.

This leads us to the conclusion that both traditional and digital media play an important role in our lives, and a company that selects only one for advertising its products and/or services may not get the full benefits of marketing. An effective advertising campaign includes both types of media to make sure it does not miss any of its target audiences.

Is Traditional Media A Wise Choice For Website Advertising?

This may sound weird to some people but traditional media can serve as a platform to promote your website. However, you need to think out of the box and come up with interesting and integrated advertising campaigns. For example, a newspaper ad mentioning a promo code for online shopping will increase traffic to your website or an advertisement in a magazine that encourages people to participate in an online campaign for getting discounts or special offers will also result in numerous visits to your website.

In order to make sure that people remember your website address, use simple and/or catchy words in it. Also, developing a user friendly website is important to make people stay on it for longer and tempt them to visit it regularly.


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