Website Basics - Options for Building a Website

building a websiteDepending on the type of business you own or the type of product you wish to launch, you can decide whether you need a full website or simply a landing page. While full websites are best when you are an established business with multiple products and services, a landing page serves only a single purpose and might be suitable for a start-up venture.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best options for building both, a landing page and a complete website. Let’s take a look at two options for each:

Options for Building a Landing Page

If it is rapid conversions you have in mind, LeadPages was designed specifically for that purpose. It doesn’t just stop at the landing page; you have the option to add premium features like ‘click to subscribe’ buttons, boxes for opt-ins, and a number of tools for building email lists. It begins at $37 per month.

Unbounce .com

This service has quite the reputation when it comes to landing page optimization. They have a powerful platform which is perfect for first time users attempting to build a landing page website from scratch. Starts at $50 per month.

Options for Creating a Full Website



WordPress is a free, open-source complete website development tool, and a popular one at that, especially among publishers and bloggers. You can select the free online service and follow instructions, or for more control, download the free software, upload it to the domain, and directly manage your website and hosting.

Visit to build a free website.

Get the software at


Joomla too is an open source website development platform with many options and features to manage your website and your content. You can easily find templates that provide the basic design, and you can then move up from there.

Download Joomla at

If you are considering launching a website, first assess your needs. If you only have a single product or service to sell, go for building a landing page. However, if you own a multiple service or products, you are going to need a website that can support multiple pages.

Building a full website is a big task, and you may do best to consult a professional website design company if your budget allows. An experienced website development firm has worked with many clients, and will have processes in place to assure your website is built properly, and with the best chance to rank well in search engines.

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