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If you’ve decided to finally act on your decision to launch a website, the first thing you need to do is choose an internet domain registrar. There are numerous reputable services, each with their own prices and customer service policies. Select the one that suits you best.

Some examples of reputable service providers are,, and

All internet domain registrars work with or via the ICANN database, which is responsible for keeping track of all the domain names on the World Wide Web. So in regards to domain name availability, all providers offer the same information.

Use An Availability Checker

Domain registrars have availability checkers, where customers can search whether the domain name they are looking for is available. Most even suggest close alternatives if it’s not.

What To Do If The Domain Name Is Taken

So you have a domain name you really like and wish to use, but unfortunately for you, it’s taken. Don’t lose heart; there are a few things you can do.

  1. Typically, the most relevant .com domain names have already been taken; what you can do is choose from .net, .org, .biz or .info.
  2. If you notice the domain name you are looking for is reserved and not being currently used, you may be able to contact the owner through the internet domain registrar’s website and agree on a price you can afford.

Other Services

Once you have found an available domain name, select it and read the instructions for that service. When selecting a domain name, you also have the chance to add-on premium services offered by the registrar. You can stick to the basic plan or select an advanced one based on what’s best for you.

Privacy services can help to keep spam out of your inbox. One big advantage of making the domain name registration private is that you won't receive solicitations to renew the domain name at another provider at an inflated cost.

Filling Out The Forms

When you’ve selected the domain and other services, the hosting provider will ask for a bunch of information. Generally, the information required is the name of the individual or company it is to be registered to and basic contact details that include a valid phone number and email address. This is needed to register with the WHOIS database, which records the domain owner’s data. This aspect can either be made public or one can choose to keep it private. The choice is up to you.

Make Payment

Website domain names aren't free! Enter your payment info and ensure it’s correct.

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