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Joomla!™ Migration and Upgrade Service

Do you need an expert to help upgrade your Joomla website?

BCS Website Services has developed and managed hundreds of Joomla websites, for over 10 years. We can provide migration and upgrade services for Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 1.7, and 2.5 series to the current version.

While most upgrades are relatively simple, BCS also has experience moving huge sites with tens of thousands of articles. The BCS staff has also updated many Joomla websites that use VirtueMart, with tens or hundreds of products.

Why Upgrade? 

It's mainly about security. As the old Joomla versions are no longer actively supported, they become vulnerable to hackers. With no security updates, your site could become a target for malicious users, and this can do irreperable damage to your business reputation.

But there are many other compelling reasons to make the update too.  Each new Joomla version becomes more user friendly for the administrator, and adds support for modern front-end functionality like jQuery and Responsive HTML.

Will I Need A Website Redesign? 

Not always. In most cases we can update your existing template to be compatible with the latest release, preserving the look of your website. But many clients do prefer to freshen the look of their website during the upgrade process, and it makes sense from a cost savings standpoint too.

Some functionality will have changed in the new versions, and this in itself can cause some aspects of your website to change in appearance too. In general these are minimal, and the overall look can be preserved very closely.

What to Expect from BCS 

When you hire us, you are getting access to top-notch Joomla experts that know how to successfully migrate your old Joomla site. You can expect to get treated with professionalism and respect, and we will work to complete the migration as quickly as possible. 

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